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Steven J. Grossman, LCSW, CAP

My work centers on the premise that the client is the expert on him or herself. We carry within us an innate wisdom, that which Jung calls the collective unconscious; that has meaning, strength and center.


I help clients address distortions of self-belief that evidence in behavior and mood; the working through of addictive and/or compulsive habits; issues relative to alternate sexuality; the wounds of intimacy; problematic relationships; personal growth strategies; the particular issues faced by those dually- diagnosed; mood disorders; grief and loss.


Although the practice of therapy is usually posited as a psychological/cognitive and emotionally reparative event, the binding element of this potentially transcendent journey is a spiritual one. It is a healing, gathering and loving embrace of oneself. The dialogue we call therapy is a facilitation, alchemical in nature, in which the therapist brings empathy, practice wisdom and a variety of skills that are eclectic in order to partner with each client as they can best be attended to. This same frame or philosophy extends to couples and family work, although the content for resolution can be of a different complexity to orchestrate. Again, giving clients the position of control and responsibility for their own solutions empowers each as well as the organism of the relationship(s).


It is not the therapist's prerogative to encumber clients with a handprint of their work. The sublime privilege of trafficking in anothers' psyche, with the intimacy that the relational repair psychodynamic therapy is built upon; demands both a respectful entrance and graceful exit. It is from this premise that I engage in this most sacred dialogue; and continue to strive towards evermore loving and effective practice.

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