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Turtle Moon Psychotherapy

At Turtle Moon we create a safe and sacred space in which to explore both inner and outer worlds of engagement and growth. The experience that frames from the dialogue and rapport with your therapist allows a transformative process that the client determines and directs. Therapy can change obstacles into opportunities, access the reclaiming of lost or hidden parts of self, free you towards fuller potential in the spheres of relationships, career, and a more vibrant inner life. That which is in shadow comes into light, to be in fuller concert with the usefulness, existential possibilities, or to engage in the necessary grieving for things heretofore in blind power over you. We strive for clarity. We strive for meaning. It is not that the unexamined life is not worth living; rather that the lovingly attended to life offers a fuller and finer quality. Join us for an open and meaningful program of therapy.

Relationship Management


At Turtle Moon, we explore your relationships individually and collectively. Helping you to discover your best most loving self th

Addiction-All Phases


Treatment of addiction/substance abuse must consider the whole person as is distorted by chemical and/or behaviorally compulsive a



The relationship between client and therapist is to be considered sacred. The premise of working together on the most vulnerable p

Steven J. Grossman, LCSW, CAP


My work centers on the premise that the client is the expert on him or herself. We carry within us an innate wisdom, that which Ju




"I had spent most of my life swirling around in the wreckage of my past and struggling to cope in a world which I felt somewhat angry toward. After years of self medicating and creating havoc, while desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with me and how to get better, working with Steven has not only given me the belief that I will recover from my illness but the tools to do just that. I am very thankful that I found a therapist who truly understands me and what I have experienced."
-Client X



"Steven Grossman has helped me, through over 4 years of psychotherapy, to deal with life issues which I had never been able to confront successfully before. He is compassionate yet insistent on real work and progress, and he genuinely cares about his patients. I have been to some of the finest recovery facilities in the nation and Mr. Grossman compares favourably to any of the therapists that I have encountered in my long journey to recovery."

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